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What's your opinion when it comes to religion? What religion are you?

My Answer:

Today on the radio I heard the phrase "law-abiding, god-fearing citizens." What's there to fear? A theory? And isn't the catholic god portrayed as a LOVING god? Why should you fear a loving god? Since I've grown up in a catholic family, that's all I've really known. So I won't go into much else than Catholicism. If someone tells me that letting god or jesus into my heart then everything will be okay, i swear I'll punch them. I prefer to maintain control of my own life, not trusting it in the "hands" of something that only exists in minds. Why do I not believe in god? I only have to look around. If there really was this all-powerful creator that's supposedly loving and caring, why is there so much death and suffering? I'm sure some people will try to tell me that "god" is punishing those people for something they did wrong. What about the people that didn't do anything wrong and they end up getting the severly short end of the stick in life? Hmm?

I remember trying to discuss those things with my mom one day in the car. She's very catholic. She doesn't go to church really, but she has the same ideals and beliefs as just about every other catholic. This was at least a year and a half ago. I almost got grounded from that "conversation." Because I was "back talking" my mom.

You see, when I was a mere 9 years old, I saw something wrong with the catholic religion. What was it? I don't know exactly what it was at that point in time. But one sunday my dad woke me for church. This was back when we used to go to sunday mass as a family. Well, he woke me up and I refused to go, so I acted like I was still asleep. An act like that can only last so long. My dad got so pissed that I wouldn't go, that he leg I think, and pulled. That didn't work too well because i'd held onto the mattress and he pulled me AND the mattress to the floor. Maybe it was that my dad got violent over my not wanting to go to church that caused me to see there wasn't something right about it all. Maybe it was something else. Either way, I don't believe.

What religion am I? None. Doesn't that mean I'm an Athiest? No. I still believe that there's...something. Just not this "god" that people keep talking about. Well what about Agnostic? Not that either. Agnostic means you want proof before you believe either way. I don't want proof. I don't care about proof. When it comes to a "higher power" there's no way to prove either way until you're dead. And then...what's the point? I've held to "You can prove something does exist but you can't prove that something doesn't exist." When it comes to this "god" the only proof is anecdotle. What people have said or written. The Holy Bible is not proof. It's merely stories collected in a time when people couldn't explain anything about the world around them so they made up stories. So in other words...myths. Just like the Greeks. And the Romans. And a million other civilizations that have existed in the past, but died out.

Those of you that read my journal might have seen this already in my journal. But I thought it would make a good post here.
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