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Question Everything's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Question Everything

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[13 Nov 2004|06:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hello i just joined.. because im always asking myslef what if? or what would happen? or why? well i read through this community and i like it so i wrote a lil somin... tell me what u think:

isnt it amazing how friends come and go?... it all just slowly happens... one day u were great friends. the best of friends, nothing could seperate u two. and now its like u dont know each other. when u walk by each other u both know the other one is there but yet neither one says hello. the world keeps turning and u both keep walking. u wish he/she would come back and grab u by the arm and say "i've missed you" but do they? no. do you? no. why? because life has gone on, the train has left. u were too late and the tickets for that train, yea that train ur friend was on were sold out. u are not on that train. u wish somehow u could buy a ticket, u wish u had been a minute early. so u, you could of gotten that last ticket to be on board with ur friend. and as u stand there ticketless, the train slowly leaves and ur friend looks at u. the look says "im sorry, i dont know what happened" and u stand there. u watch ur friend leave and then as u turn around a train arrives. it arrives with people. people u've never seen before, people u want to meet. new people that have stories to tell. people who have been places. when u walk into a room, you know that person will be there for you no matter what. no matter what stupid thing u do, they will be there. and that friend who got on that train is now the one who missed the train. ur on board, ur going places, the train ur friend is on has stopped and is not going anywhere. it arrived at its destination.

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[14 Dec 2003|10:15pm]

x-posted (sorry)

Check out and join these communities if they apply to/interest you:

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[16 Mar 2003|11:49pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Why do people find it sooooo wrong to kill a cat for food, but think it's perfectly fine for cows, pigs, chickens, etc. to be tortured and brutally killed to fill a few lousy stomachs?

The answer: Because people are stupid. They try and convince others that we need meat to survive, but what they fail to notice is that we don't. In fact, many studies have shown that a vegetarian diet, or one with very low levels of meat and animal byproduct intake, are soooo much more healthy for you. You're at less risk for many different diseases, cancers, and of course, at less risk of getting E coli or salmonella poisoning...... come on people! America has the highest rate of obesity in the world. Start eating right!

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[17 Aug 2002|11:54pm]

What's your most valued possession and why?

Three things combined into one. My mind, body and soul. The three things that every human being has. And the only things that truely matter in life. We can live with out computer, we can live with out music, with out junk food, with out telephones, posters or pets. A person could not live with out their body. That is what keeps us rooted in the physical world. The mind holds everything. It drives the body. It possesses all the knowledge in the world. The soul is our connection to the spirtual realm. It is our energy, our subconscience.
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C'mon people....post more! Especially heather! [01 Jul 2002|01:54am]

[ mood | contemplative ]


What's your opinion when it comes to religion? What religion are you?

My Answer:

Today on the radio I heard the phrase "law-abiding, god-fearing citizens." What's there to fear? A theory? And isn't the catholic god portrayed as a LOVING god? Why should you fear a loving god? Since I've grown up in a catholic family, that's all I've really known. So I won't go into much else than Catholicism. If someone tells me that letting god or jesus into my heart then everything will be okay, i swear I'll punch them. I prefer to maintain control of my own life, not trusting it in the "hands" of something that only exists in minds. Why do I not believe in god? I only have to look around. If there really was this all-powerful creator that's supposedly loving and caring, why is there so much death and suffering? I'm sure some people will try to tell me that "god" is punishing those people for something they did wrong. What about the people that didn't do anything wrong and they end up getting the severly short end of the stick in life? Hmm?

The rest is rather long. I didn't want conjest the community with itCollapse )

Those of you that read my journal might have seen this already in my journal. But I thought it would make a good post here.

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The dream is gone, say so long. [19 Jun 2002|04:36pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Q: Would you rather know the information so powerful it could destroy you and or your friends, or, go about life unknowing and naive?

Though knowing isn't the best course I must agree, but I'd rather know something valuable and feel important, rather than think that everything is fine, when it isn't. I love to know everything. Each time I am left in the dark about something, fury grows inside. No it's not a need to be in everyone's business. I suppose it came from when people asked me for advice from a very young age, ever since I've wanted to know everything so I can better help those who come to me. So tell me everything, let me know that I contain the power to end ones life in a social way. Sometimes I think when we have this kind of power, it keeps us dorment and happy. Like a landlord. Has lots of power, but usually if you keep paying your rent on time, nothing happens. So don't piss me off?

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[19 Jun 2002|01:13pm]

What defines yourself as an individual?

Your personality, how you interact with the world around you is largely the result of external phenomena, such as socialization and simple experiences. If this is the sum of the individual then are we all constructs, some sort of organic machine, merely computing and absorbing what is around us? If there is more to it then that, then what is it? What is its nature? Is it a soul? And most important, what is the implications on what the constructed version of the self means and is?

I know we are supposed to answer our own questions, but to be honest, it is more a problem I've been pondering then something I have solved. I believe in the soul only because if I do not, then nothing matters, because we would lack the free will to be anything but an extention of our environment. I really would just like to listen and discourse on other peoples' views.
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Epitaph [19 Jun 2002|12:40pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Q: What would your epitaph say by the way you live yor life right now?

A: Here lies Will
He never did
What was in his head
Too bad now
For now he's dead

Q: What would you want it so say?

A: RIP Will
My memories of you
Were mostly a blur,
But you changed the world
With who you were

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Hey you people! [19 Jun 2002|12:03pm]

Feel free to post your own questions here! Because it will get kind of boring with just me posting.
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Come on. Join the fun. [17 Jun 2002|09:56pm]

Why not get things kicked off right away? As your founding member of "Question Everything" i feel obligated to post the first question/answer. This was taken from "The Book of Questions." i'll be taking a lot of questions from there. Enjoy!

The Question:
If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone or done with your life? Why haven't you told them yet or done what you wanted to do?

My Answer:
There is much that I would regret. The main thing is not telling a few people how I truely felt about them, or not letting them know in some way. I would regret not having told Adam off, not having told him my true feelings. As for what I'd regret not doing: Write
and publish a book. Visit Ireland. Go to college. Have a true relationship with a guy. Find a way to be truely and happy and content.

The reasons these things have not been said/done is either in someways they don't need to be said, or I haven't had the chance/desire to say them as of yet. The reasons things haven't been done are simple: no chance yet. I haven't been satisfied yet with anything i've written, enough to send it off to a publisher. I don't have the funds to go out of the country. I'm between high school and college right now. I haven't met anyone. Haven't found a way. So there you have it!

(p.s. Any other members--feel free to post your own questions and answers!!)
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