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Come on. Join the fun.

Why not get things kicked off right away? As your founding member of "Question Everything" i feel obligated to post the first question/answer. This was taken from "The Book of Questions." i'll be taking a lot of questions from there. Enjoy!

The Question:
If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone or done with your life? Why haven't you told them yet or done what you wanted to do?

My Answer:
There is much that I would regret. The main thing is not telling a few people how I truely felt about them, or not letting them know in some way. I would regret not having told Adam off, not having told him my true feelings. As for what I'd regret not doing: Write
and publish a book. Visit Ireland. Go to college. Have a true relationship with a guy. Find a way to be truely and happy and content.

The reasons these things have not been said/done is either in someways they don't need to be said, or I haven't had the chance/desire to say them as of yet. The reasons things haven't been done are simple: no chance yet. I haven't been satisfied yet with anything i've written, enough to send it off to a publisher. I don't have the funds to go out of the country. I'm between high school and college right now. I haven't met anyone. Haven't found a way. So there you have it!

(p.s. Any other members--feel free to post your own questions and answers!!)
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